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 Regulament Server !

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PostSubject: Regulament Server !   Tue Nov 03, 2009 1:43 am

Language :
1- Main language is RO at forum,however,each player has rights to speak their own,in the proper section.
2- In game the language does not matter,freedom for those,coming from different countries,without jugdement or punishment.
3- The GMs staff,speak english and RO,use these two languages to contact them in game or forums,always in the proper section.

Hacks or abuse of Bugs :
1- We dont allow the use of hacks in game,neither the abuse of bugs,if the players get caught using it,and not reporting,the penalty for that,is permanently ban.
2- It include also,botting and using key press,as is not allow,it will have same punishment as ban is.
3- Report anything you find wrong in game,from the game in fact,or any player online,if you cover it,automaticaly makes you be involved in a ilegal situation.
4- Hacking another players or stealing is also baneable if the case has enough proofs.

Impersonating GMs:
1- We dont allow normal players to use GMs name alike or acting pretending to be them.
2- We dont allow the players to use the GMs name in vain,since the gms has not a personal relation with any player.

Respecting the GMs :
1- Respect the gms inside the game and outside it,anytime you need their help,you will get the support wished,of course if you keep the respect needed to them.
2- You cant speak mention or blame any GMs in game or forum,that has a serious and permanently punishment which is ban.
3- You cant accuse any GMs of nothing,since the staff is very professional in everything,to accuse or give bad imagen to them is ilegal in game and forum.

Banned accounts :
Once an account/player is permanently banned,they lost the rights to claim anything to the Staff,since the Game Masters wont take actions
without proof,they cant accuse the Staff of being unfair or wrong,each case reported is taken and investigated by the Admins,with logs,
That means we dont have to show any proof to nobody,just asking proof to the GMs is calling them corrupts.
Respect the game rules,to avoid lost accounts or characters,once there is ban,there wont be action which can unban any case,for any reason.

Item lost has no GMs support :
Items lost during maintenance,disconnect,server sending any strange errors,however it happens,wont have any GM support.Which means
we are not gonna restore these items/money/ Lost.

Key press:
Keypress use is allowed, for leveling up or training skills, this is not punishable. However, bot programs is still forbidden and baneable

*Remember these rules mentioned to avoid get ban or any punishment.


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PostSubject: datimi si mie un id de mess si ajutatima sami fac cabalu ca numi merge   Tue Nov 10, 2009 8:11 am

datimi si mie un id de mess si ajutatima sami fac cabalu ca numi merge va rog.Multumesc cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers lol! lol! lol! lol!
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Regulament Server !
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