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 (GA) K3eXtreme!!!

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PostSubject: (GA) K3eXtreme!!!   Sat Nov 07, 2009 3:03 am

Topic Subj:K3eXtreme GA Application
Topic Desc:Nop
Your Real Name:Ziga
Gender: Male
Location: Slovenia-Celje
How long have you been playing cabal online?
Answer:I play Cabal 3 years.
Have you ever been a GA before? If so, how many people were on the server you GA'd for?
Which languages can you fluently speak?
Answer: English,German,Slovenian,Italian
Why do you want to be a GA?*
Answer: I wana be GA cos of hunting hakers Twisted Evil and i wana help new ppl in this server!! And good thig is im nonstop online -24h online!!! ^^

I hope this server gona be top1 Very Happy..
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(GA) K3eXtreme!!!
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