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 Senkone G.A application

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PostSubject: Senkone G.A application   Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:24 am

Senkone application G.A

How long have you been playing cabal online?
Answer:3years in ofical server europe mars (FA lvl 146 cr 14 rank honor 7 and BL 158 cr 15 rank honor 7)jupiter(wiz lvl 147 cr 14 honor rank 3)

What is your favorite class and how long have you been playing it?
Answer:FA,BL,but my favorite FA.

Have you ever been a GA before? If so, how many people were on the server you GA'd for?
Answer:yes,in 4 servers in one G.M,i have screenshots,in this servers Search 3 one xD I speak Spanish and one English one philipino

Which languages can you fluently speak?
Answer:spanis native i spanish,english-normal,italian-medium
Define the word 'spam' in your own words. And no, I don't mean the food.*
The forum spam occurs when a user posts information that detract substantially similar or unrelated to the subject covered so many people are obliged to report it to the moderator in the game also occurs when public comments have links or some reference to a forum of similar or identical content, with the aim of attracting more users to it.

What would you do if you or a friend keeps getting PKd for a stupid, or no reason.
Answer:I would say you should cease to kill another player clearly in inferior or politely referred to as "abuse" and tried to behave please if it should cease, otherwise it would make a video or screenshots and send him to the GM for the decide the appropriate penalty.

How would you react if a player suddenly starts insulting another person. You do not know either player.
Answer: politely ask to moderate its language to relax if the player persists in insulting continue taking pictures of the abuse of that player to another player and send them to GM for the one to take a sanction in its approach to such acts result from conduct that player.
Why you want to be a GA here:
Answer:is good server very good and have players speak spanish,to helps to the other with her doubts about quest, quest nation, items catalist example, class rank as becoming them, and everything possible to resolve all doubts game I consider myself more or less active 10 hours a day if not more xD and good above all wanted to helps and resolve any concerns of any kind And keep that hacks are not used to be so report promptly to the Admin/GM.

Your Real Name:Alberto

i have only problem i dont know create my acc game in this server,i have amachi and chanels u posted Goku in this moment full T_T i send u pm Goku ,create my acc game look u pms tnx

good day for all and good luck all others aplications!!!buen dia para todos gracias!!!buena suerte a todos con sus aplicaciones!

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Senkone G.A application
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